Most people experience lives free of risk or impact. They may be "succeeding," but often it's at at something that doesn't ultimately matter. Nice people end up living comfortable lives that neither harm nor help.

Enter People Matter.

We partner to help you discover, develop and deploy your God-given fingerprint of potential. You matter. A hurting world desperately needs men and women who will say "Yes!" to a cause greater than themselves. Together, let's imagine the possibilities for your life, work, marriage and world.

What We Do

  • Speaking to men's groups, marriage conferences, churches and other audiences.
  • Writing books to inspire, equip and heal. See our resources.
  • Coaching on leadership and personal and spiritual development.

Subject matter expertise

About Dr. Dan and Cathy Erickson
Dr. Dan and Cathy Erickson challenge audiences across the United States to make the most of their lives, no matter their age or stage. 

Dan grew up the son of missionaries to Native Americans in an impoverished desert community in Nevada. He was deaf for the first decade of his life until a successful surgery gave him the gift of hearing.

Dan experienced God’s call to ministry as a young adult and served in executive and pastoral positions in four large churches. He has also served with Promise Keepers, the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries, the Northwest Graduate School Doctor of Ministry program and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In 2005, Dan left a position as executive pastor and partnered with Cathy to start People Matter, a ministry focused on helping people understand and act on their potential in Christ.

Dan is the author of "Ready to Fly", "Grandfathering: Live to Leave a Legacy" and "God Loves Do-Overs" (with Cathy Erickson). Other projects include "An Unstoppable Force: A Christian Manifesto" and "Why Minister to Men?" (View all titles in our store.)

In addition to co-authoring the People Matter Blog and God Loves Do-Overs, Cathy has founded ministries to single moms and victims of natural disasters. Dan and Cathy have been married for more than 40 years and have two children and seven grandchildren.