This month, only one thing matters

At Christmas, cling to this conviction


The sights, smells and sounds of this season both delight and deafen.

  • “Ho ho ho!” from an army of robotic, electronic Santas seeking the ear of frantic shoppers.
  • The seducing aroma of shortbread cookies and other decidedly-unhealthy baked goods.
  • The “ring-ring-ring” cadence of the Salvation Army volunteer.

Despite this assault on our senses, there is one thing we must cling to during the chaos and joy of this month: God became man. In the real-life historical person of Jesus, God got dirty, messy and eye-to-eye with the human race. Now it's our turn.
Christmas is a reminder that God came in skin for us. Then He passed the baton and said, “Now you represent me in skin.” The Jesus in you is the only Jesus people will ever see.
Forget yourself and let people see Him this month.
Then never quit.